Most wanted items on stardoll (2016)

These are the most wanted or the most looking for items on stardoll world (currently most of them are from limited store because Callie brought back a lot of rare from old non limited store and it makes the rare value going down drastically but Callie didn't touch limited items yet except stardoll did re-edition the LE 1st season last year) . I saw these items quite often on member's persentation/album wishlist. If you can find them for 600sd on starbazaar you are so lucky because most people on facebook sell them for over 600 or even real money. If you have one of them and put it up in the bazaar for 600sd it will be gone in sec, you can try it LoL xD .

stardoll steampunk platforms
stardoll black floral wreath

stardoll pink flower wreath

young hollywood katy golden heel shoes

stardoll katy blue shoes

stardoll le varsity jacket

stardoll le paperbag waist skirt

stardoll le pink faux open purse

stardoll black white face sweatshirt
stardoll neon face sweatshirt

stardoll le antlers

stardoll YH beige skirt

stardoll sap new yorker blazer denim

stardoll antidote read faux fox purse

stardoll cat ears sparkle tiara

stardoll le grey felt belted shorts

stardoll le chocolate belted shorts

stardoll plastic LE purse

stardoll dkny collared sweater

stardoll le black pom pom cape

stardoll le pink pom pom cape

stardoll le studded motorcycle jacket

stardoll Jewelled Bandage Dress
stardoll Floral Spring Bow Frock
stardoll DKNY Scuba Dress

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